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Sora First Impressions: Paul Trillo, Director

Last Updated: 2024-03-26 17:48:50
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OpenAI have gained valuable feedback from the creative community, helping us to improve our model.

Since we introduced Sora to the world last month, we’ve been working with visual artists, designers, creative directors and filmmakers to learn how Sora might aid in their creative process.

Paul Trillo is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and director whose work has earned accolades from outlets like Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. Paul has garnered 19 Vimeo Staff Picks, an honor given to the best short films hosted on Vimeo. “Working with Sora is the first time I’ve felt unchained as a filmmaker,” he states. “Not restricted by time, money, other people’s permission, I can ideate and experiment in bold and exciting ways.” His experimental videos reflect this approach. “Sora is at its most powerful when you’re not replicating the old but bringing to life new and impossible ideas we would have otherwise never had the opportunity to see.”

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