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Sora First Impressions: Nik Kleverov, Creative Director / Native Foreign

Last Updated: 2024-03-26 17:54:18
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OpenAI have gained valuable feedback from the creative community, helping us to improve our model.

Since we introduced Sora to the world last month, we’ve been working with visual artists, designers, creative directors and filmmakers to learn how Sora might aid in their creative process.

Native Foreign is an Emmy-nominated creative agency from Los Angeles, California specializing in brand storytelling, motion and title design, and generative AI workflows. Co-Founder Nik Kleverov, who is using Sora “to visualize concepts and rapidly iterate on creative for brand partners,” suggests that budgetary restraints no longer have to entirely shape the narrative of creativity. “I’m one of those creatives that thinks in motion, so when I’m in Sora it really feels like I can bring any idea to life.”

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