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Worldweight Official Music Video • Made by August Kamp with Sora

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 18:19:09
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"i feel like this piece of art is my absolute heart and soul. i remember the way i felt when these notes tumbled through my hands and onto the keys of my synthesizer almost two years ago. 

i remember how it rained outside and how i felt so lucky to be able to pour these feelings into a song - something that could hold onto them so i didn't have to anymore. i closed my eyes while i played - something rare for me as i don't know my keys all too well - but i closed my eyes and i saw pictures in my mind. 

 this is what Sora is best for - in my opinion. taking these pictures that i've held onto for two years and saying "august - we can share these with folks". that's what i think is special about this tool. i get to share what was once locked behind my shut eyes - all alone. which is to say - this is how the song has always "looked", it's just that now i get to show you." - @augustkamp

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